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presence_change event

A team member's presence changed

Compatibility: RTM

Single-user presence change event:

    "type": "presence_change",
    "user": "U024BE7LH",
    "presence": "away"

Multiple-user batch presence change event:

    "type": "presence_change_batch",
    "users": ["U024BE7LH", "U012EA2U1"],
    "presence": "away"

The presence_change event is typically sent to all connections for a team when a user changes presence status. Clients can use this to update their local list of users.

If a user updates their presence manually, the manual_presence_change event will also be sent to all connected clients for that user.

There are two forms of this event. When only one user's presence is being communicated, you'll receive a user field with a single user ID present within.

On very large teams, presence events cannot always be sent atomically -- they must be batched for scalable delivery.

By passing the batch_presence_aware=true parameter to rtm.start or rtm.connect, you instruct the Slack message server to begin batching your presence messages and sending a users attribute instead, containing an array of users changing to the same status.

Sometimes you'll get a single event for a single user but if you use batch_presence_aware=true, that single user event will be single item in the users array.

In case you missed that: if you send batch_presence_aware=true then the shape of presence_change events changes. Instead of a string-based user field, you'll get users, an array.

If you're writing a library that supports presence_change events, you should be prepared to handle both kinds of presence events.