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presence_sub event

Subscribe to presence events for the specified users

Compatibility: RTM

Write-only event

Ask Slack's message server to subscribe you to presence events for the specified list of users.

Instead of receiving this event type, your app must post it into the websocket. Present an array labeled ids containing all of the user IDs you want presence subscriptions for.

To use this event, you'll need to connect with rtm.connect or rtm.start using the presence_sub=true parameter.

For instance, to add subscriptions for users U123456 and W123456, present JSON like so:

    "type": "presence_sub",
    "ids": [

All subscription requests require the entire subscription list _each invocation. To remove subscriptions, do not include their user ID in a subsequent presence_sub request. To add a new subscription, add it to the array.

In response to your presence subscription request, you'll receive singular or batch presence_change events declaring the current presence status of each user added to the subscription.

    "type": "presence_change",
    "presence": "active",
    "user": "U061F7AUR"
    "type": "presence_change",
    "presence": "away",
    "user": "W123456"

Users that were already present in the subscription will not emit an event until their presence status changes.

See presence for more information.